Gai AP accompanies the exhibition “Ao Dai on the heritage path”: Honoring Vietnamese Ao dai – The exhibition is organized towards the 92nd anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Women’s Union (20/10/1930 – 20/10/2022).

On 26/08, the Vietnam Women’s Museum opened the exhibition “Ao Dai on the Heritage Road”. The exhibition is part of a series of meaningful activities honoring the Ao dai, with the hope that the ao dai will become a World Heritage Site.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ms. Ton Ngoc Hanh (Vice President of The Vietnam Women’s Union) said: “This is a very meaningful event for us to honor Vietnamese ao dai and also an opportunity to educate generations to understand more and study about The history of Vietnamese Ao dai has endured and has developed until today. Vietnamese Ao Dai can reach out to the world and impress many other countries through events like this”

Vice President of The Vietnam Women’s Union – Ms. Ton Ngoc Hanh gave the opening speech of the exhibition.

At the ceremony, 200 dresses from 20 designers were presented to the Vietnam Women’s Museum. These Ao dai are sewn in silk and ramie fabric, which helps to celebrate the value of traditional art.

Typical ao dai collections are inspired by the beauty of nature, culture and people of Vietnam such as : “Tay, Dao ethnic brocade”, “Yen Tu bamboo forest”, “Navy”, “Soldiers to help the people”…

Within the framework of the exhibition, there is also an exchange program with designers so that the audience can directly interact and listen to the stories behind each Ao dai.

Fashion Designer Tran Thien Khanh interacts with the audience.

Some pictures at the opening ceremony of the exhibition:

Describes the process of obtaining silk weaving silk to create a Ao dai


Donors receive flowers and certificates from representatives of the Vietnam Women’s Museum.


The ao dais displayed on bamboo shelves are imbued with Vietnamese culture.


Miss Ngoc Han admires the beauty of the ao dai at the exhibition


Ao Dai in the collection “Hue Court Music”


Ao Dai in the collection “The beauty of Ha Long architecture”


The ao dai bears the imprint of the mountainous peoples of Vietnam.


Ao dai is stylized like a sail, in the collection “Quang Ninh Sails”


Collection “Black Diamond”

The Ao Dai is inspired by Vietnam’s sea and islands, belonging to the “Navy” collection.


Ao Dai is part of the “Soldiers help the people” collection, inspired by the country’s anti-epidemic day

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